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About Us

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Our History

La Casita Development’s first conception began when Carl was grounded in his room as a young teen. He was drawing building plans and planning his dream home. Fast forward to 2005 Carl partnered with LQ Lambert and together they bought, flipped, and sold homes. This was the first time La Casita Development became a reality. Unfortunately, the housing market crashed and LQ and Carl went their separate ways. Carl’s path changed drastically, leading him to work in the world of finance and sales. Little did he know just how much this would prepare him as LCD made a full-circle return.

In 2018 Carl left the finance industry to lead what he believed to be a simpler life doing handyman work. That did not last long and before he knew it, Carl had renewed his contractor’s license and began building/remodeling dream homes across the Tucson area. Carl’s time in finance also prepared him to help homeowners obtain financing to build their dreams. Carl’s history would help create the strong foundation that LCD is currently flourishing on.

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Our Mission

La Casita Development strives to be the contractor of choice for the Tucson area. We build a foundation of trust with our clients through open and honest communication, quality work, and customer collaboration. We hire and train superior-performing employees to execute phenomenal work the La Casita way. Our goal is to provide innovative and beautiful solutions to home and business owners across the Tucson area.

We treat our customers like family because we are all part of the big Tucson family. We want our neighbors to be provided with excellent work that we can be proud to show our grandkids.

La Casita Development is owned and operated by family that was raised in Tucson. We strive so that future generations can look and say that “my grandfather built that!” Our goal is to keep Tucson beautiful and help it flourish. Our plan is to build a company that can withstand the tests of time, grow with the world around it, and be passed through our family.

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